Case study

How We Enabled a Leading Client in Understanding Buyer Demands from Consumer and Business Perspectives

SG Analytics Market Research Case Study How We Enabled a Leading Client in Understanding Buyer Demands from Consumer and Business Perspectives


  • To understand the overall digital experience for consumers and business to customers  and the challenges and opportunities associated with it 
  • To study how today’s buyers’ demand and closing gaps are key to (re)prioritizing your DX initiatives in 2020 and beyond


  • SGA successfully delivered 6,000 online surveys covering respondents across Germany (1,000), the UK (2,000), and the US (3,000)
  • SGA reached out to respondents involved in online purchasing for their organizations
  • The target respondent group included consumers who have made an online purchase (web, mobile web, mobile app, or voice) in the last three months
  • The study was focused on the following stages: 
    - Current State: Experience making online purchases 
    - Challenges: Difficulties faced while researching a product or making a purchase
    - Future State: Steps taken to improvise the purchase experience
  • How investments need to be guided by digital maturity and the unique needs of the market, category, and customer
  • We presented the final data set to the client using MS Excel and SPSS. We sliced data tables based on demographics providing trends depicting purchase experiences 



We enabled our client with some key questions being raised about consumer expectations and preferences in the digital experience domain, as well as what role all types of service providers would play to leverage this AI and non-human channels.


  • Our client was able to understand the role of digital experience and how consumers' expectations of all digital experiences rise – consciously or unconsciously. They expect efficient, engaging, relevant experiences on their device of choice or as they seamlessly engage across digital interfaces.
  • Were able to assess how businesses deliver and connect these experiences – and ensure their operational systems are up to the task – is critical to driving sales and profit growth both within digital commerce business units, and across the overall business as customers look to utilize more than one channel and yet expect these to work together seamlessly

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