Case study

How We Enabled and Supported Flagship Tech Products for a Consulting Client for Nine Years

SG Analytics Market Research Case Study How We Enabled and Supported Flagship Tech Products for a Consulting Client for Nine Years


  • Understand the business and technology drivers that enable technological investments within the organization
  • Identifying new revenue opportunities by market segmentation by country, industry, and company size
  • Understand the level of technological adoption (i.e., Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Cloud, etc.)


  • SGA designed and rolled out an online survey covering 6,000 business professionals across the globe
  • SGA reached out to respondents across target industries
  • The target respondent group included senior IT and business decision-makers who have responsibility for IT purchases
  • A questionnaire was designed across the following themes: ​
    - To understand the target audience and their role in the organization
    - To understand the current ICT budgets and metrics investments plans and the impact of the pandemic
    - To understand in detail industry-specific technology adoption and future investment plan
    - To understand and highlight the tech priorities and other horizontal trends, digital transformation, technology trends, and business challenges
  • SGA presented the final data set to the client using MS Excel and pivots charts. The data was embedded in the client’s platform for visualization



  • The IT Enterprise Insights survey covers IT drivers, IT spend, and sourcing across all geographical markets and key verticals 
  • The survey offers insight into the current macro trends and their impact on the industry
  • The data tool enables users to identify variances in demand across market segments and adjust go-to-market messaging accordingly


  • Our client was able to benchmark IT spending and budgets across regions, industries and company sizes 
  • This data also helped developing a product strategy and roadmap and understand the top competitors
  • Level of adoption/implement of different technology devices



  • Key business and technological drivers and further revenue generation options
  • Adoption lifecycle for artificial intelligence within each main business function or system for each industry
  • Evaluates enterprises’ readiness for digital transformation and their ICT investment priorities and strategies
  • Industry-specific technology adoption, current and future investment plans

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