Case study

Multi-Source Data Engineering and Reporting Solution for a Media Firm

media firm


A media conglomerate with headquarters in the US.

Business Situation

  • Our client was looking for a data platform to channelize various linear and digital data assets – as part of this, they were looking to set up various processes including automated data extraction, data harmonization, and warehousing on a cloud architecture.
  • The client wanted to automate data cleaning activity to ensure that business analysts spent their time on actual insight generation.
  • The goal was to significantly reduce manual effort during data harmonization across various data sources.
  • From the client’s standpoint, during the reporting process, data quality mismatches meant that significant time was being spent on the data cleaning process, rather than the actual business insight generation.

SGA Approach

  • SGA built the data platform that enriches showlevel data across various data streams and supplies the harmonized information to multiple client stakeholder groups.
  • SGA deployed a 4-step approach to implement the solution.
  • We built a research and analytics solution on the top of the data platform that allows business users to analyze the spots, segments, ratings, and revenue (with historical data up to seven years).

SGA’s Data Harmonization Solution Covers:

  • Regular expressions.
  • Natural language tool kits.
  • Fuzzy matching and neural networks.
  • SGA carried out data standardization across data sources with the flexibility to manually intervene and correct the details when accuracy drops by a percentage benchmark in specific cases.

The Business Impact We Delivered

  • New metrics and dimensions uncovered based on the smooth, scheduled data flow within the integrated data platform.
  • Manual intervention down to zero – significant productivity improvement across analyst teams.
  • Insights generated by combining broadcast data with Nielsen data helped ad-sales teams enhance their understanding of ad-placement.
  • Optimized spots and segments (in terms of the count and duration) to maximize revenue opportunities.
  • Easy-to-use visualization tools deliver quick and easy-to-consume insights as part of the ad-sales decision-making process.

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