Case study

Designed and developed a comprehensive ESG reporting framework for Europe's largest Retailer

ESG Framework Case Study


The client wanted to enhance the quality of ESG reporting considering upcoming disclosure requirements and address gaps to ensure alignment with globally accepted reporting guidelines and compliance disclosures.


•  As-is analysis of the previous financial year’s report to identify gaps in reporting

•   Gap analysis of the company’s disclosure quality with respect to presently adopted as well as globally accepted reporting frameworks

•   Peer review to assess quality and alignment of sector-wide reporting processes

•   Review of the existing stakeholder engagement procedures

•   Indexing the company’s performance in the gap assessment to weighted scores

•   Drawing structured insights from the gap assessment to help improve data and statement framing and representation

•  Indicator-specific performance commentary with respect to presently adhered reporting and compliance frameworks

•   Assess the company’s multiple public disclosures to ensure consistency and clarity in reporting

•   Identifying stakeholder requirements for the sector and inculcating the same in the company’s reporting

•   Recommend opportunities for improvement in upcoming reporting cycles



Providing a critique and technical review of the client’s ESG disclosures encompassing the current and upcoming regulatory developments, external frameworks/benchmarks, and examples of best practices in the relevant sectors, industries, and geographies. Additionally, formulating recommendations for a phased approach over the next three years, with clear prioritization of goals.


A detailed assessment of the most relevant areas for potential improvement across ESG aspects in its business operations

•  A comprehensive peer benchmarking exercise on key ESG aspects to understand current trends and market requirements

•  A thorough insight into the gaps in maturity, consistency, and relevance of its ESG disclosures

•  Better communication in addressing the stakeholders’ concerns

• Significant improvement in ESG scores



•  Enhance disclosure quality across guidelines, reporting frameworks and compliance requirements

• Identified upcoming and leading materiality topics in the sector and the company’s preparedness for its reporting

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