Case study

Sale of a Germany-Based Semiconductor Equipment Company


Business Situation

  • Our client was mandated to analyze the semiconductor/IC market and support the sale of the target company to a strategic partner.
  • The target was positioned as a leader in Germany in the semiconductor market and was looking to achieve a complete exit at the maximum achievable valuation.

SGA Support

  • Developed real-time insights into the industry with analysis of market dynamics, M&A trends, drivers, competitive landscape, recent developments, and potential synergies.
  • Identified different buyer categories with a detailed list of companies under each category including key business details and financial information of each buyer.
  • Valuation of our target company using DCF, comparable public companies analysis, precedent transaction analysis, and football field analysis.
  • Prepared management presentations and other marketing material including teasers that were sent out to potential buyers to determine their interest in the company.
  • Virtual Data Room management (including vendor negotiation).

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