Case study

Integrated High-level Strategies to Monitor ESG Performance for an Institutional Investor

ESG - Switzerland Based Leading Institutional Investor


The research entailed a holistic assessment of ESG integration levels in the asset management of institutional investors. The client wanted to assess its market position versus top-sector peers by analyzing

  • Performance projected and reported by the concerned parties
  • Public sentiment that their commitment to ESG warranted


  • Assess ESG management processes for peer portfolios for screening quality, implementation plans, evaluation parameters, engagement strategies, and adherence to sustainable investing standards
  • Identify ESG priorities and focus areas for each of the peer investors
  • Assess avenues of public disclosures utilized by the peer group to showcase their commitment to ESG integration
  • Analyze public perception and sentiment regarding the ESG management and integration for the institutionalized asset management process of peers
  • Understand public sentiment for the institutional investors as a function of their engagement strategies via social media, company website, newsletters, press conferences and webinars
  • Quantify the degree of positivity or negativity observed in public perception for each peer group via verified media and published sources
  • Identify high-level strategies to arrive at opportunities for improvement and growth and inculcating the same in the company’s reporting 


A comprehensive peer benchmarking exercise to assess ESG integration for portfolio companies of asset managers/owners.


  • Enhanced ESG integration and management methods
  • Identified upcoming ESG priorities among the peer group based on changing landscapes in each of the industry portfolios
  • Monitored external collaborations boosting, verifying, and certifying ESG performance



  • Analyzed the company’s standing based on ESG parameters
  • The performance of peers on key material indicators was reviewed
  • Analyzed the sentiment on ESG management of the company for relevant stakeholders
  • High-level strategies to address the gaps/improvement areas in the company’s ESG performance

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