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Build Personalized Customer Experiences with our Powerful Customer Insights and Analytics 

With increasing transparency of information on digital platforms, customers are now equipped with easy access to data that facilitates informed purchase decisions. By creating sophisticated customer analytics models, SG Analytics plays a crucial role in understanding a brand’s targeted customer group and its ever-evolving buying behavior.

Innovative Customer Analytics Solutions that Accelerate Business Growth 

As an established data analytics company in the USA, SGA’s consumer analytics services enable businesses to understand their customers and their requirements by providing powerful customer insights and analytics, leading to high-value customer satisfaction, reduced customer churn and increased customer advocacy. 

Why SGA ?


Understanding the Customer

Customer data analytics provides a holistic portrait of the customer by integrating customer-level data across multiple sources; aiding an in-depth analyzation of their behavior.

Customer-level data | SG Analytics
  • CLTV model: Predict the lifetime value of the customer including the upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Customer migration: Cluster customers’ basis in accordance with their likelihood; migrate to high-potential customer groups, through customer segmentation modeling.
  • Product analytics to evaluate customer feedback, comprehend customer satisfaction and product improvement.
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Customer Conversion Modeling & Customer Churn Prediction Modeling

Acquiring new customers and retention of existing customers is enabled by personalized marketing, which requires a micro-level view of targeted customer segments and their behavior

Customer conversion modeling | SG Analytics
  • Customer Conversion modeling: With the use of Adobe and Google Analytics, we can connect your customer’s web-site journey to help you create effective digital marketing campaigns.
  • ‘Customer churn prediction modeling’: Identify potential risks and curb your customer churn rate through taking timely preventive course correction.
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Customer Segmentation, Cluster Modeling & Purchase Behavioral Analytics

Segmenting customers basis their purchase behavior history enables brands to devise customer- centric marketing activations and promotional campaigns

Customer segmentation, cluster modeling & purchase behavioral analytics | SG Analytics
  • Customer Segmentation: Create marketing strategies aimed at relevant customer segments through clustering techniques that integrate customer preferences with actual customer behavior.
  • Purchase decision drivers: Identify key attributes that contribute to the customer’s purchase decision through evaluating historical cause-effect of the purchase behavior of customers.
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Customer Experience Hyper-personalization and Cross-product Affinity Model

As one of the leading consumer data analytics companies, SGA’s data analytics services empower organizations with rich customer insights to create the right experience at relevant engagement touch-points

Customer experience hyper-personalization | SG Analytics
  • Customer Experience Hyper-personalization: Create customized marketing strategies and services for different customer groups.
  • Cross-product affinity models: Determine up-sell and cross-sell opportunities by study items that customers buy together in the same purchase cart or basket.
  • Big Data Customer Analytics to harness existing customers and predict future customer behavior.
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