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ESG Consulting Services

Bespoke sustainability consulting services and research support aiding informed decision making and efficient ESG integration and management at multiple junctures in the value chain across stakeholder groups

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Why Leverage Our ESG Advisory Services?

In today’s dynamically evolving business space, ESG factors are consistently playing a crucial role in directing profitability, operational efficiency, due diligence practices, and divestments, among others. SG Analytics’ ESG consulting services enable a variety of stakeholders to take a step toward responsible decision-making and help organizations boost their sustainable performance.

As one of the leading ESG consulting firms, SG Analytics’ research and consulting services help businesses institutionalize sustainable performance. We provide end-to-end support to our clients spanning globally.

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ESG Consulting Firms

What We Offer

We help capital market participants stay ahead of the ‘benchmark' by leveraging our services. As part of these services, we provide them with ESG profile commentary, which comprises an assessment of as-is-aspects of ESG integration in asset management. We help in assessing ESG performance, which includes portfolio performance assessment across a wide range of parameters and perceptions.

Further, we help our clients in this segment in ensuring resilience during dynamic times by understanding the maturity and preparedness of asset portfolios with respect to their alignment with the current and upcoming regulatory mandates and norms.

ESG profile commentary:

  • Selection criteria: ESG screening, norms-based screening, ESG exclusions
  • Management practices: Evaluation, implementation, communications
  • Thematic indexing: responsible investing, impact investing

Assessing ESG performance: 

  • Peer Benchmarking: Understanding market position
  • Controversies/ Sentiment Analysis: Public perceptions, Social Media engagement, Controversial litigations

Ensuring resilience during dynamic times:

  • Assessing the level of preparedness of the organization to be able to adapt to the Guidelines
  • Gap Analysis highlighting opportunities for further improvement
  • Strategy/Framework formulation to create a road map and tangible processes to ensure alignment
  • Implementation guidelines with a step-by-step approach for adhering to the framework

Our ESG services for corporates enable our clients to attain a ‘sustainable’ edge by leveraging our offerings which include as-is assessment and gap analysis. We assess critical business requirements, sector-specific issues, business sustainability impacts & stakeholder preferences across ESG indicators. We also conduct performance analysis to identify gaps in disclosures, processes, and governance structures.

  • Materiality assessment: Identify and evaluate key problems and metrics along with environment, economy, and social dimensions
  • Performance assessment: Analyze and track performance for predetermined KPIs
  • Maturity analysis: To define performance gaps, evaluate the maturity of sustainability performance
  • Peer benchmarking: Among the peers, analyze and comprehend the practices of managing sustainability
  • Critical analysis: Identify OFIs, make recommendations for improvement, and ensure readiness for efficient reporting and disclosures in compliance with internationally recognized frameworks

We are the engine behind global ESG data platforms and rating agencies to whom we provide data aggregation and data analysis services. As part of our data aggregation services, we collect, normalize, and interpret ESG data for equities and bonds across 1,000+ indicators alongside comprehensive ESG controversy research. Our data analysis services comprise cleaning, transforming, and analyzing data to derive meaningful inferences to enable informed decision-making for all stakeholders.

  • Company level self-disclosed data: ESG reports and disclosures & website and financial filings
  • Publically available data: NGOs, associations, third-party reports, and websites
  • Controversy research: Social media, news, online publications
  • Research insights: Unveil actionable insights by clubbing public disclosures along with on-the-ground information
  • Peer benchmarking: Comparative study on ESG trends across industry peers with indicators conforming to sectoral & industrial requirements
  • Gap analysis: Improve business efficiency by evaluating the difference between the best possible outcome and the actual outcome


Bespoke ESG Solutions

Bespoke ESG solutions augmented via flexible engagement models aligning with globally reported frameworks and guidelines

12+ Languages

Combination of sustainability research competency and language proficiency across 12 Asian and European languages

20,000+ Issuers

Multi-asset-class expertise and research experience for 20,000+ issuers across different sustainability themes

End-To-End Solutioning

Analytical capabilities enabling end-to-end ESG management and integration

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Our rich ESG experience helps organizations be proactive in achieving ESG eminence.