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Kiran Invited by XIM University for a Guest Talk on “The Role of Data Analytics & Its Impact on the BFSI Industry”




13 May 2023


XIM, Bhubaneswar
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Kiran Dongre, SVP & Head of Data Analytics, at SG Analytics (SGA) was invited to deliver an Expert Talk on “The Role of Data Analytics & its Impact on the BFSI Industry” by the Xavier Institute of Management (XIM, Bhubaneswar) on May 13, 2023. 

Kiran is an experienced Practice Leader with over 21 years of experience spanning the Information technology and Services industry. 

As a Global Insights and Analytics company, we at SG Analytics consistently strive to harness the power of data with purpose along the entire data value chain to map it to specific purposes or goals. This enables us to drive the maximum and utmost value for all stakeholders. 

We thank XIM University for inviting Kiran to the Expert Talk. We further look forward to more meaningful conversations in our endeavor of harnessing data with purpose.