The SG Analytics story by Sushant Gupta - Founder & Chairman 


SG Analytics has come a long way, over the last 15 years, to be a trusted research and analytics partner to hundreds of clients globally. Over the last decade and half, working closely with a wide gamut of companies across various sectors, SG Analytics has developed the contextual understanding of its clients’ problem statements.   

Since we appreciate our clients’ business and their problems, we are quick to grasp what needs to be done and which information to be analyzed. The domain knowledge and sectoral expertise that we have gained over the years ensure that we do thorough research to discover and decipher data.  

Business and financial decision-makers have been making relevant and timely data-driven decisions by leveraging our market, business, and investment research capabilities. What stands us apart is our innate expertise in turning this data into intelligence. By applying precise analytics to contextual research, we generate meaningful, actionable insights that help drive business and investment decisions of our clients.   

We believe that driving excellence in everything we do is now par for course. Our CEO, Sushant Gupta completely resonates with the fundamental belief of each member of SG Analytics has to go beyond in delivering brilliance. This is our story on what makes SG Analytics unique and how is success defined and measured at SG Analytics.