At SG Analytics, we are continuously
learning and growing.

SG Analytics was founded in 2007, in our very first analyst, Sushant’s (Founder & Chairman) home in Pune, at a time when our key competitors were already over 1000 people strong. A choice to meet one client’s investment research requirement has grown exponentially from there. With our ability to continuously learn and evolve according to market needs, today we are a 1100-plus global team that offers full-stack data-centric research and contextual analytics services.

Our inspiration

Inspired by new possibilities every single day. We know we can make it happen.

Our commitment

Committed to being committed! Once we take on something, we deliver results.

How do we do it?

It is our people who drive and shape our success as a company. We’re all about an accountability culture, with commitment and spiritedness as our human essences. Profit, success, laughter, and fun are shared among us, with many of our colleagues being co-owners of the company. It is no surprise that some of our earliest colleagues are still with us, many of whom have been strong pillars of the company from the very beginning.

At SG Analytics, we empower growth, be it lateral or linear. We endeavor to create leaders at all levels who believe in thriving rather than simply surviving. The journey from being a Junior Analyst to a Senior Vice President is one that any individual who embodies the SGA spirit can make. With us, growth has no boundaries.

Today, our 1300 diverse team has talent from over 10 countries and skillsets and capabilities that ensure we sustain our promise of excellence. Every curveball drives us to channel our inner ‘awesome,’ and we applaud every single win together, whether big or small. Celebrating is a part of our DNA, and perhaps this is why our annual parties are legendary. So come partner with us.

In SG Analytics, we have built a company that is focused on achieving operational excellence and extraordinary performance in everything it does. Most importantly, we are accountable for ensuring the quality of life for ourselves, our clients, and society.

Sushant Gupta

Founder & Chairman, SG Analytics

Be it operational excellence, people practices, or regenerative growth for all our stakeholders, SG Analytics, as an ethical company believes in growing better together.


SG Analytics partners with Open Orbit to accelerate digital transformation in the Australian market

SG Analytics (SGA), a global data solutions firm, forges a partnership with Open Orbit, an Australian technology firm, to accelerate digital transformation outcomes for the Australian market. The joint force is set to empower organizations worldwide to achieve business outcomes and unleash growth.