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The Future of IoT: Top Trends for 2023

The debut of the Internet of Things (IoT) was perceived as a much-hyped futuristic technology. IoT, now a reality, is driving...

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Top 8 Applications of Data Analytics in Real Life for 2023

Big data is often employed in banking, healthcare analytics, or manufacturing applications. These are some massive industries...

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Future of IoT - Internet of Things Trends 2022

The Internet has changed the world big-time. IoT- has been the first kickoff toward a smart world, where devices make...

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40% World’s Population Will Be Tracked to Influence Behavior – All About Internet of Behaviors (IoB)

According to Gartner, Internet of Behaviors (IoB) has become one of the top buzzwords to look out for in 2021. As a part of the...

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57% Companies Use Automation in Multiple Business Functions - Digital Transformation Trends 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. No one knew where the year 2020 would lead us – the last nine...

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RPA Market Is Expected to Reach $1 BN by 2020 – Top 10 Technology Trends

Undoubtedly, people across the world are adopting latest technologies more than ever. 52% of consumers agree to the fact...

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LEOs – a boon or a curse for mobile network operators?

Access to the internet is advancing at a very fast rate with the deployment of new technologies and growing demand for high-speed...

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Predictive analysis of consumer behaviour with the aid of emerging technologies

Businesses run on what their customers want. Every business may have a social presence, but in today’s world where...

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Roadmap for Overcoming Challenges in IoT Adoption

As the IoT turns into a reality, 50 billion devices are estimated to be connected to the internet by 2020. The business...

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