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Predictive Analytics Tools and Software for 2023: An Ultimate Guide

With heaps of data at an organization's disposal, it is becoming more vital than ever to leverage data for better business...

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Importance of Data Analytics in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare sector has been undergoing constant transformation, as the industry has been implementing novel systems and...

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Super Bowl Meets Data Analytics: This Is Where the Fireworks Begin

The uncertain trajectory of the pandemic and precarious cultural environment affected every aspect of the 2021 Super Bowl, be it...

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"It's Going to Be Put Up or Shut Up" - Are the OTT Wars Headed Towards Consolidation?

Recently, the streaming behemoth, Netflix, rolled out a new feature for its platform to circumvent anxious...

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RPA Market Is Expected to Reach $1 BN by 2020 – Top 10 Technology Trends

Undoubtedly, people across the world are adopting latest technologies more than ever. 52% of consumers agree to the fact...

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Predictive analysis of consumer behaviour with the aid of emerging technologies

Businesses run on what their customers want. Every business may have a social presence, but in today’s world where...

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From Hedge Fund to Quant Hedge Fund – The Data Analytics Revolution

Did you know that almost 90% of today’s data was generated over the last two years? As per an article published in Forbes,...

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Predictive Workforce Analytics – The Missing Link in Your HR Strategy

Employee-manager relationship is the glue that binds an organization. Hence estranging this vital relationship results in...

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