Intelligent Business Process Automation

Context-based automation to transform your processes.

Intelligent Automation Services

SG Analytics automates business-critical activities to ensure you have ready access to intelligent processes. As one of the well-known intelligent automation companies, we enable companies to forecast changes, improve adaptability, and enrich customer relationships and employee satisfaction. Our intelligent automation services and solutions help map and speculate the appropriate technology and processes to support your business ideas, scalability and ROI optimization.

Key Focus Industries

Intelligent Content Aggregation

A valuable asset to business strategy; intelligent content aggregation helps you stay updated on current and trending information in your industry. Content aggregation can inform decision making by analyzing competitor content, as well as improve engagement with your content.

Intelligent content aggregation | SG Analytics
  • Extract valuable information with user-friendly content aggregation tools.
  • Streamline and automate content aggregation for valuable insights and significant results.
  • Focused industry/service content aggregation – utilizing dynamic tagging and NLP to remove spam.
  • Get the latest insight in real-time.
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Multisource Data Acquisition

With a surplus amount of data all around us, it is difficult to decipher the best source. With multisource data acquisition, we don’t have that concern. Aggregate data through all viable sources and integrate within your platform for unification.

Multisource data acquisition | SG Analytics
  • Enable connectivity of your data to provide a 360-degree view.
  • Map your static and dynamic data types by enabling software intelligence.
  • A pragmatic and scalable process of data aggregation for your business; extract, transform and upload.
  • Standardize and manage content from multiple sources by intelligent automation.
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AI and NLP-based Data Treatments

AI and other intelligent data treatments aggregate and fine-tune unstructured data to classify your data sets into actionable brackets.

Intelligent data treatments | SG Analytics
  • Big data mining and managing with AI algorithms to promote deep learning.
  • Data-driven decision making made easier through AI-based algorithms.
  • Creating intelligent data frameworks with NLP to enhance quality interactions.
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Workflow and Business Process Automation

Increase productivity by automating your project management, operations, customer support, social media management, and client management processes. Design and implement automated monitoring solutions to optimize workflow intelligent process automation.

Workflow and business process automation | SG Analytics
  • Integrate, automate and execute human-centric tasks by centralizing processes.
  • Intelligent automation systems to streamline event-based notifications and improve interaction and coordination.
  • Decrease human error and improve time management by adopting intelligent business automation.
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