Building a Data-Driven Content Strategy for Me Industry in the OTT Age

Data Analytics

OTT platforms might overthrow Linear TV to become content-consumption supreme. However, the major challenge the two face in acquiring content remains identical – the inability to fully incorporate data in their content strategy. To overcome this, SG Analytics proposes a new and modern solution in this white paper: a data-driven content strategy that combines industry-relevant data from all directions with rigorous data analysis to produce actionable insights, best suited to your unique needs. The result is more opportunities, and better predictions and content performance.

Key Highlights

  • For consumers, opportunity cost has never been lower. And so, the competition for acquiring the best content to come out on top – let alone stay there – has never been more aggressive
  • The M&E industry’s data universe has never been richer and denser. And its richness and density are only expected to increase
  • Success can be achieved by adopting a data-driven content strategy that combines disparate data with ML and AI to predict tastes and trends with astonishing accuracy and cost-efficiency

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