ESG Management – Trends & Challenges for Corporates

Over the last decade, the far-reaching impacts of ESG have come to the forefront affecting multiple stakeholder groups. There is an utmost need for corporates at all scales, across geographies to be consciously vigilant of not just their revenue channels but also of their ways and means of doing business.

Forces like the COVID-19 pandemic, extreme climate incidents, social revolutions, regulatory developments, investor interests and technological innovation have transformed the way corporates need to think of their ESG integration. In this report, we have highlighted a few ESG trends and challenges that have acted as transformative forces for the corporate sector.

Key insights:

1. The use of data analytics and visualization tools has revolutionized the way we consume ESG information to derive strategic decision making.

2. Global issues arising due to key environmental social and economic gaps are reshaping the way we consider resources and how businesses utilize them

3. The global green bond supply is predicted to jump by 50% in 2021


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