Global Industrials Recent Trends - Q1 2022

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The sectors within the industrials are re-building fast, undeterred by major events across the world like the Russian-Ukraine war, climate change, and supply chain challenges. The rise in interest rates and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is also adding pressure on the overall market performance. The global industry is scrutinizing some key upcoming trends for the industrials playbook in 2022. 

Key Takeaways-

  • The rising demand for EVs and the increasing rate of new technologies being used within the global automotive industry will trigger growth.
  • The industrial and manufacturing industry sector, such as transportation & logistics and construction, will recover from the ongoing challenges, followed by significant future growth.
  • The construction and engineering industry will experience an increase in safety standards and the use of technology.
  • The ongoing march of technology, connectivity, and automation enhancements is poised to continue solving problems and present unprecedented opportunities in transportation and logistics.

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