Intelligent Storage - Key to Business Innovation

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Businesses and industries worldwide are experiencing a complex world that is characterized by the dispersal of new digital technologies. However, they are affecting both their performance and productivity while causing disruption. Novel approaches to data storage technologies are helping businesses to tackle the problem of climate change and the energy crisis., implying that intelligent data storage needs to deliver both performance and energy efficiency goals.

Key Takeaways:

1.   The vast availability of data generated from modern devices, applications, and software is helping organizations realize its finite benefits.

2.   Key drivers of innovation - AI and ML will drive business automation

  • Transition to digital-first
  • AI and ML systems to push innovation
  • Enhanced customer experiences


3.   Due to the ever-increasing volumes of data, businesses need to evaluate their data first to mitigate the storage complexities that are both slowing their operations and digital efforts.

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