Remdesivir: A Classic Analysis of Desperate Measures During Desperate Times

An analysis of the surge in demand for Remdesivir, as a COVID-19 drug. Was the surge driven by market preferences, perception, and push by few people? The rise of Remdesivir in 2020 is a classic example of what social media sentiments, medical data (or sales without medical data), and public perception are capable of doing in desperate times.

Key Insights:

  • The three “P” were perception, preferences, and push that drove more drug sales and in turn benefited few while risking the lives of many.
  • According to HHS, the US had secured >500,000 treatment courses of Remdesivir in September 2020. This has exhausted the stock of Gilead for 3 months.
  • Recently, HEOR has put the cost of COVID intensive-care treatment at around USD 20,000. If the drug shortens an ICU stay by 30%, then there might be a justification for a USD 5,000 price for the drug.

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