Capital raising for a broadband service provider


US-based mid-market investment bank serving clients in the technology, media, and telecom (TMT) sector

Business situation

  • Supported a New York-based mid-market IB firm in drafting a pitchbook for a broadband service provider
  • The project involved raising $35 million from institutional investors/ strategic investors to promote its breakthrough technology targeted at entering 15 new counties in the US with no access to broadband internet

SGA support

  • The pitchbook included sections on broadband connectivity landscape, market opportunity, technology overview, the network architecture and infrastructure, key management and growth objectives
  • The model involved researching the targeted US counties and the unserved broadband population, building a revenue model based on the customer base (residential, business and enterprise) and projecting the financial statements
  • Searched for investors with similar requirements and vision for the sector and prepared detailed investor profiles