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Document Collection – Five-Fold Reduction in the Collection Time

Data Solutions - Document Collection Case Study


Collecting investment documents translates into multiple portal check, logins authentication, as well as any other overhead required to manage the collection process – this generated heavy manual activity with minimum output. The average collection time for a document was greater than 5 minutes which impacted scalability of a pre-dominant manual collection process.

SGA Approach

For efficient process management, SGA implemented a combination of features and services that systematized the collection process. Thus, limiting the resources needed to collect the documents thereby establishing controls over the collection process

Systematic collection: This involves connecting login credentials for 3rd party websites with connect inbox, motored by notifications received for documents posted on the portals.

Programmatic collection: Deploying automation techniques to mimic the manual collection workflow, resulting in limiting/eliminating human interventions

Overall solution helped in reducing the average document collection time to less than a minute


Blended Workflow

  • 80% automated workflow
  • 20% manual workflow


Communication Cadence

  • Tracker maintenance to project lifecycle
  • Client document repository
  • Timely status update


Process Engineering

  • Transition to event driven architecture
  • Defining / tracking KPIs to both the approaches
  • Systematically automating workflow with apt reporting and checks
  • Implemented an integrated workflow that is simple yet highly secure


Centralised System

  • Structured data management system for every investment firm
  • Unified repository for high level review of workflow and data insights
  • Dedicated client mailbox



  • Periodical reports
  • Operational data insights
  • Cyclical data review and clean-up
  • Movement of documents from collection stage to end user review stage



We analyzed the as-is process to understand the pattern of workflow and developed scalable practices to support the increasing client base with associated volume.

Benefits & Outcomes


  • Five-fold reduction in the collection time
  • 30% efficiency gain across workflows
  • 50% reduction in cycle time


Key Takeaways


  • Real-time data mining with centralized data and trackers
  • Structured cadence to manage agile workflow dynamics
  • On-the-go data availability with accessibility limited to authorized users only


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