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Global Support – Service Desk

Data Solutions Case Study


A customer lifecycle is tracked through several workflow stages through a blended approach of automation and manual activities. Every document received on client behalf goes through a rigorous collection and extraction workflows. At times, it may lead to redefining existing process to meet client demands by means of developing corrective actions in existing workflow

SGA Approach

Global Support Cycle

When a client raises service requests, they get reviewed by L1 to provide a resolution. An L2 request is raised for a detailed analysis and workflow fix. If the resolution is related to developing a feature or fixing an existing feature, these requests are routed for L3 intervention.


We provide support for client queries and escalations by managing L1 and L2 requests and building a knowledge base to educate the client and enable self-service kiosks.

Benefits & Outcomes


  • We achieved a 2x increase in client base without any additional cost.


Key Takeaways


  • We designed proactive workflow management for qualitative operational output.
  • We created diverse operational structures curated for every workflow structure.
  • We established a structured cadence to manage agile workflow dynamics.


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