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Contract Research Organization Services

From expert biostatistical analysis to meticulous data management and regulatory-compliant medical writing, we offer a comprehensive suite of CRO services tailored to the unique needs of the healthcare industry.

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What We Offer

Empower your research and clinical trials with our specialized biostatistics and programming services. Our expert team led by Dr Saha harnesses the power of data to derive meaningful insights, ensuring statistical rigor and compliance with industry standards. From study design to data analysis, we provide comprehensive biostatistical solutions tailored to your research objectives. With cutting-edge programming expertise, we transform raw data into actionable intelligence, facilitating informed decision-making. Whether you need statistical analysis, data visualization, or customized programming solutions, our services are designed to optimize the accuracy and efficiency of your projects. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your data, driving innovation and success in your scientific endeavors.

Streamline your clinical trials with our expert clinical trial data management services. We specialize in meticulous data collection, validation, and integration, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of your trial data. From electronic data capture to database design, our dedicated team employs industry-leading technologies to enhance data quality and compliance. With a focus on efficiency and regulatory adherence, we offer end-to-end data management solutions tailored to the unique requirements of your clinical trials. Trust us to optimize your data processes, mitigate risks, and accelerate your path to reliable results. Partner with our experienced team to elevate your clinical trial data management, bringing precision and excellence to every phase of your research.

Elevate the narrative of your medical discoveries with our specialized medical writing services. Our expert team transforms complex scientific data into clear, compelling narratives tailored to diverse audiences. From regulatory documents to clinical study reports, we ensure precision and compliance with industry standards. Whether you need concise manuscripts for publication or comprehensive documentation for regulatory submissions, our medical writing services articulate your research with clarity and authority. Trust us to convey the significance of your work, adhering to ethical guidelines and enhancing the impact of your scientific communications. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your research through meticulous and effective medical writing.


Industry Leader

SGA thrives by its brand promise Lifes Possible, and is recognised as the UKs most trusted healthcare market research company.

12+ Languages

Language capabilities include Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, German, Spanish, Arabic, Bahasa, Hindi, Bengali and English experts (US/UK).

Data-Driven Insights

With in-depth domain knowledge and proven capabilities of delivering monetisable insights, we deliver high-quality, efficient outputs.

End-To-End Solutioning

The in-house KOL capability of more than 700, along with analytical and ML/AI capabilities, helps in presenting credible competitive information.

Who We Work With


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