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iNava Delta

Real-time, actionable insights to enable data-driven decisions

With iNava, gain the first movers advantage by attaining access to the Right Now insights.

What We Offer

Keep a continuous watch on the periodic spike and trough in CSAT patterns and high-volume buzzwords across reviews over the past 12 months, gaining a comprehensive and collective view of trends.

Get a first-hand feel of the market’s pulse ascertained by subjecting user reviews to intense ML- driven text analysis to assist in advisory and strategic decision-making.

Leverage cutting-edge NLP technology to extract meaningful inferences to help craft targeted messages and sales tactics for technology solutions and services.

Find real-time insights across devices to strategize, keep tabs on the competition, and make calculated decisions to establish a solid CX function.

Slice-n-dice insights based on verticals (BFSI, Retail, Manufacturing, etc.) and organization size (Large Enterprise, SMBs) ascertaining differentiated insights for varied customer segments.

Why iNava Delta?

Net Promoter Score NPS

A drill-down view of a products recommendation score furnishing the exact percentage of Promoters, Detractors, and fence-sitters facilitating improvement in customer experience and monitoring loyalty trends.

NLP/NLG algorithm

With an ever-learning Natural Language Processing Algorithm serving as its backbone, iNava dissects and classifies unstructured reviews, deriving metrics

Smart Analytics and Recommendation

Robust analytics tools automatically analyze data and proactively churn out recommendations while identifying urgent issues that may require addressing.

Feature Engineering

iNava leverages feature extraction and engineering to detect patterns in the data improving model efficiency and feature flexibility, while better representing underlying problems in predictive models.

Want to see how iNava’s ‘Delta’ can help you fortify your business from within?


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