iNava Intelligence Platform

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What We Offer

iNava Delta provides harmonized Voice of Customer after filtering out all the noise resounding on the web. The intelligence platform offers real-time insights allowing data-driven strategy formulation that helps businesses not just survive but thrive amidst intense competition.

iNava Pi provides real-time insights in the areas of employee engagement, L&D, Rewards and Recognition, and cultivating Better Work Culture, and enables organizations to listen to the Voice of Employee facilitating the setting up of an environment that is conducive to productive employees.


Data Indexing Engine

At the heart of inava is an extensive Data Indexing Engine that leverages intelligent text analytics to identify data patterns across sources establishing trends.

NLP/NLG algorithm

With an ever-learning Natural Language Processing Algorithm serving as its backbone, iNava dissects and classifies unstructured reviews, deriving metrics

Smart Analytics and Recommendation

Robust analytics tools automatically analyze data and proactively churn out recommendations while identifying urgent issues that may require addressing.

Feature Engineering

iNava leverages feature extraction and engineering to detect patterns in the data improving model efficiency and feature flexibility, while better representing underlying problems in predictive models.

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