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Fortify your organization before the next great resignation with iNava Employee Intelligence

Fill gaps in your talent pool by hiring resources whose profiles are a snug fit with the job descriptions with iNavas PI

What We Offer

Continually listen to the ‘Voice of Employee’ to keep tabs on the rising and falling trends in the employee community over a selected period.

Subject the honest voice of employees to a comprehensive ML-driven text analysis for deriving sentiment scores across parameters to help improve employee engagement, resulting in heightened EX.

Extracting actionable inferences leveraging state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) / Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology to make sense of the feedback and banter that resides on numerous trusted sources enabling the better formulation of HR policies, engagement plans, and cultural values.

Keep a watch on what employees have to say on a real-time basis. Adjust and adapt to the varying employee needs to help plan internal skill development and employee retention, among others.

Segregate employee responses and ratings based on their seniority levels and also listen to ex-employee feedback to better the actual picture of organizational and managerial practices. Unadulterated reviews resulting from employee segmentation translate to strong actionable insights.

Why iNava Pi?

Employee Net Promoter Score eNPS

eNPS, a HR metric, measures an employees loyalty iNavas Pi offers the ESI feature, based on Kano toward the company and also gauges their willingness to recommend their workplace to others based on self-work satisfaction.

Employee Satisfaction Index ESI

iNavas Pi offers the ESI feature, based on Kano Model, allowing you to plot employees satisfaction levels based on the rating acquired by key attributes against the company acceptance. Knowing how key attributes rank on employees priority list helps in policy building and formulating engagement strategies.


The Sunrise-Sunset feature of the Trending and Declining Drivers presents the rise and fall in the volume of the reviews for each key attribute of a selected company. The feature also highlights current and emerging topics heavily discussed among the employee population.

ESAT Drivers

iNava Pi showcases ratings and the review volume of key attributes that each company has garnered over the selected time range. The feature allows you to view the employee comments that have culminated into the overall rating with a simple click-through

Want to see how iNava’s ‘Pi’ can help you fortify your business from within?


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