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Reenergizing the Workplace: Ways to Manage and Overcome COVID fatigue

The COVID-19 crisis has taken a toll on the workforce globally. Everyone witnessed many hospitalizations and deaths as well as...

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The Future of Work: The Hybrid Edition

The pandemic was an unexpected accelerator of business considerations in many vital areas. It not only offered a glimpse of...

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What Do Customers Want? 3 Key Learnings From the Most Disruptive Year of Our Lives

Two years ago, everything we knew about life went upside down:   Our goals, ambitions, and priorities  Our...

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“Us Reports Over 1 Million New Daily Cases”: Omicron vs. Delta, Everything You Need to Know

On Jan 3, Monday, the US reported over a million cases of COVID-19. Yes, 1 million. That is a record by a staggering...

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The Omicron Variant Shows That COVID-19 Might Be Here to Stay-for Long

In October, year-over-year US inflation hit a 30-year-high, climbing 6.2% compared to October last year. The historic rise was...

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“COVID’s Starkest Lesson”: Global Data Is Broken. Here’s How to Fix It

To lift over a billion people globally out of extreme poverty. That was the objective of The Millennium Summit — a meeting...

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Capturing the COVID-19 Pandemic Through 5 Iconic Data Trends

Data visualization is the practice of visualizing data, illustrating it graphically.   As visual creatures, most human...

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“Valued at $4.75 Billion”: Bolt, Getir, and the Rise of ‘Super Apps’

August 5, 2021 - The Estonia-based start-up, Bolt, has raised $713 million (Forbes) in a fresh round this month. The ride-hailing...

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82% Of Employees Prefer WFH Remote Working Trends 2021

The coronavirus pandemic continues to bring agony and despair for multitudes across the world, building huge financial and...

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