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Quality Assurance Services

SG Analytics (SGA) has a legacy of over a decade of providing Quality Assurance services. Our expertise in creating customized frameworks and building automation strategies ensures better efficiency in the testing life cycle. Our automation solutions ensure improved Time to Market (TTM) and reduced Cost of Quality (CoQ). We bring in automation excellence with Agile-enabled processes and achieve predictable quality.

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Ensuring Quality Every Step of the Way: Our QA Commitment

Our unwavering commitment to quality, attention to detail, and dedication to your success have set us apart. Our services involve systematic processes and practices aimed at ensuring that products or services meet established quality standards and requirements. Our quality assurance services encompass testing, validation, and adherence to quality benchmarks, helping organizations deliver error-free, reliable, and customer-centric offerings while reducing risks and maintaining compliance with industry standards and regulations. 

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Quality Assurance Services

What We Offer

Continuous Quality Engineering (CQE) goes beyond traditional testing methodologies by embedding quality practices into every phase of development, from design and coding to deployment and monitoring. SGA has integrated the Quality Engineering (QE) platform with real-time insight-driven dashboards, which will help transform your decisions. 

QE, at scale, is made possible with the help of accelerators for digital, security, performance, and compatibility/usability. API/microservices test libraries and datasets leverage over two decades of banking & financial domain experience and a commitment to fit-for-purpose solutions. Defect-free digital quality assurance comes from the aggressive application of customer and product journey-based test design and execution accelerators. SGA promotes the concept of ‘shift-left testing’, which means moving testing activities closer to the beginning of the development process. This ensures that potential issues are caught as early as possible, preventing them from becoming larger problems downstream.

SGA’s digital assurance and testing solutions address the multi-faceted needs of digital transformation while keeping agility and customer centricity at the core of our services. We conduct comprehensive testing across your digital value chain, encompassing digital marketing, web portals, web content, digital assets, web analytics, and the entire digital ecosystem, including cloud, mobility, big data, and connected devices.

Our digital assurance and testing services for digital transformation solutions include:

  • Thorough validation of the user experience
  • A tool & technology-agnostic framework
  • Cost-effective solution leveraging the cloud
  • Cross-browser/platform frameworks
  • Responsive web design kit and reusable libraries
  • Cutting-edge low-code and no-code automation frameworks (Selenium, Karate, Cucumber)

SGA’s offerings go beyond testing – where our experts offer consultation services to optimize testing processes and address specific challenges. Our consultation and test advisory services stand as a guiding beacon for organizations striving to elevate their software quality through meticulous testing practices. With a focus on tailored strategies, process enhancements, and cutting-edge tools, we empower businesses to achieve software excellence, enabling them to deliver products that exceed customer expectations and stand out in a competitive market.  

Collaborate with us to embark on a journey of optimized testing practices and unparalleled software quality. 


Domain Expertise

Legacy of 17+ years in research and context-enabled technology services, bringing in domain expertise

Seamless team formation, ensuring a healthy team pyramid

Readily available deployable pool of smart engineers

Elevated Product engineering maturity

Delivery transparency at all levels to enable faster decision-making, elevating the product engineering maturity with better predictability

Increased ROI

Increased efficiency with Automation leading to better Time to Market TTM and reduced Total Cost of Ownership TCO

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