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Healthcare Market Research and Consulting Services

Using AI/ML tools Healthcare Market Research and Consulting Services offers precision comprehensive coverage, ROI, and a quicker turnaround time for white label research

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Healthcare Market Research Services and Offerings

SG Analytics (SGA) is one of the few healthcare market research companies in the USA that have been supporting Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, and Life Sciences companies to grow their revenue and increase their market shares in the last 10 years. Unlike many other healthcare market research firms, our teams ensure your business data is safe with us. Our growth has been majorly in the healthcare data management space, followed by market access, market entry, and competitive intelligence (CI). We are counted among the best healthcare market research companies in the USA. In recent years, we have expanded our services across new segments such as robotic data automation, ESG-pharma, and Health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) to offer the best healthcare market research services to our industry partners in the USA. 

Using AI and ML tools, SGA has positioned itself as the best healthcare market research service provider globally. We offer the most relevant data metrics and insights into the niche segments of the healthcare industry.  We are flexible in terms of data management and use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform or work on the client’s server using a VPN.  

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What We Offer

Our healthcare market research team helps clients co-create their strategic roadmaps, communicate their plans to the right audience, and offer customized solutions for new product market entry strategies.

SG Analytics (SGA) helps you generate evidence of the value of a new drug or product for reimbursement and healthcare payers using artificial intelligence (AI)/machine language (ML) tools for crisp and precise solutions.

Approximately $500 billion worth of M&A deals are waiting to happen. We can help you tap into the right audience, tech due diligence, and healthcare intel and cut down the lag phase from search to ‘go to market.

An amalgamation of strategies, marketing, and competitive intelligence (CI) for pharma, devices and diagnostic companies that are planning to introduce or check the adequate supply of products amid the market competition and price war.

We help you evaluate new entrant threats, track the current players and technology, check the pulse and power of the suppliers and buyers, and the availability of substitutes and counterfeits.

Identification, mapping, and engagement of key opinion leaders (KOL) in healthcare through our in-house panel makes us the most preferred partner in the industry.


Industry Leaders

SGA thrives by its brand promise - Lifes Possible, and is recognized as the trusted healthcare market research company in the USA.

12+ Languages

Language capabilities include Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, German, Spanish, Arabic, Bahasa, Hindi, Bengali, and English experts (U.S./U.K.).

Data-Driven Insights

With in-depth domain knowledge and proven capabilities of delivering monetizable insights, we deliver high-quality, efficient outputs.

End-To-End Solutioning

The in-house KOL capability of more than 700, along with analytical and ML/AI capabilities, helps in presenting credible competitive information.

Who We Work With


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We strongly believe in women power. Our research team consists of more female than male i.e., 55 percent females, and consists of PhDs, M Pharms, D Pharms, Postgraduate in finance, Biotech postgraduates and MBAs.

Our combined experience of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, life sciences, and med-tech ensures high quality, white labelled research coverage.