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Digital Transformation has taken the customer’s shopping journey and experience to a new level; also, it has created new complexities for retailers today. With target audience spanning different age categories and characteristics, today’s retailers have understood the importance of being aware of their customer’s changing needs & preferences and to improve the shopping experience and revenue. To obtain such customer insights and improve footfall, retailers need the right retail analytics solution.

SGA’s retail analytics provides data-driven insights on sales, inventory, customer experience, product or service performance, and dynamic pricing to get better snapshots of targeted demographics.

Optimize inventory management and overhead costs.

To make better strategic decisions and improve operational performance.

Predict consumer needs, market trends, and demands.

Perform omnichannel and personalized marketing.

Benefits we deliver

  • RoI

    Enhance returns on your marketing spend.

  • Insights

    Understand consumer behavior and their perception about your brand.

  • Digital

    Maximize digital presence and launch targeted campaigns.

  • Pricing

    Deploy flexible pricing strategies.

Marketing effectiveness

Retail market research helps gather and assess industry information, consumer behavior, market-specific customer demand, and demographics information to categorize your target audience and underpin gaps and crisis areas. Our retail analytics services enable clients:

  • Evaluate shifts in consumer demand to asses performance, identify trends and investment opportunities, and mitigate costly investment errors.
  • Identify apt AI tools and evaluate market-ready solutions to reach out to target customers effectively.
  • Tailored dashboards and visualizations to get 360-degree insights of retail marketing operations.
  • Research-based insights to enhance RoI and improve resource allocation decisions.
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Consumer Insights

Give your customer the apt ‘reason to buy’ with data analytics ; in today’s dynamic market customers are the key driving factors of sales and RoI

  • Market-specific consumer insights to formulate a customer value proposition.
  • Fuse departmental insights and surfacing consumer insights to overcome brand perceptions.
  • Deliver personalized experiences and communications to improve customer loyalty, sales, and customer satisfaction.
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Web and Digital Analytics

In today’s fast market, ‘the sooner the better’ is the go-to mantra. Employ our services to:

  • Enhance your online presence through appropriate tools.
  • SEO and keyword analysis to improve website ranking.
  • Evaluate and spot the right campaigns for the right audience to provide a seamless shopping experience for both online as well as brick and motor shoppers.
  • Natural Language Processing and text mining to monitor social media conversations and analyze customer journey and purchase behaviors.
  • Conversion models to predict customer churns and future trends.
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As one of the well-known retail analytics companies, we deliver:

  • Price elasticity and gap analysis to win lost customers and improve customer retention.
  • Merchandising strategies to evaluate your lead conversion process and revamp business models to be customer-centric.
  • Demographics analysis and lifestyle information evaluation to position your product or services in the market.
  • Retail industry analysis to comprehend and predict customer behavior to determine in-store displays and promotional strategy.
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Analogize your business progress with your competitors to improve your performance. Adopt industry best practices to achieve performance goals and establish a competitive edge in the desired sector. SGA’s retail analytics solutions will aid you to:

  • Build SOPs and set of processes and metrics to improvise on best practices.
  • Gain an independent perspective on the client’s performance compared to peers.
  • Process benchmarking to compare performance against internal and external benchmarks to identify metrics and improve your process.
  • Strategic benchmarking to assess industry best strategies, business approaches, and business models to pinpoint factors that can strengthen your strategic planning.
  • Establish clear strategic goals and formulate apt KPI’s by identifying your critical business goals.

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