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Digital has touched upon every aspect of businesses today and the Retail Sector is no exception to this. Take the case of the online retail giant Amazon. The company has constantly raised the bar and emerged as the retailer of choice among customers globally. Not to be left behind Big
Box Retailers like Walmart are following with a series of steps such as the introduction of two-day shipping and grocery delivery to the acquisition of At the core of such sweeping changes lie the changing consumer dynamics.

Retail Market Research

For marketers, brands, and retailers while such changes infuse fresh business challenges, they open the door to unexplored opportunities. As one of the eminent retail analytics company, SG Analytics collaborates with B2B and B2C clients to explore the untapped opportunities through research-based insights. We help clients – Discover, Act and Disrupt!

Benefits we deliver

  • RoI

    Enhance returns on your marketing spend.

  • Insights

    Understand consumer behavior and their perception about your brand.

  • Digital

    Maximize digital presence and launch targeted campaigns.

  • Pricing

    Deploy flexible pricing strategies.

Marketing effectiveness

Marketing effectiveness | SG Analytics
  • Marketing RoI: Make use of retail market research to enhance the return on your marketing spend and increase the efficiency of your resource allocation decisions
  • High-level retail analytics solutions: “Bird's-eye” view of retail marketing operations via dashboards and custom visualizations
  • Marketing campaigns: Tailored campaigns that target the right audience
  • Investment Research services to study your performance, recognize potential investments and risks.
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Consumer Insights

Anchor our retail analytics services to obtain market-specific consumer insights. We provide

Consumer insights analytics | SG Analytics
  • Customer segmentation: Use rigorous customer segmentation techniques and targeting tools to understand customers better
  • Social media analysis: Leverage a broad range of tools including Natural Language Processing and text mining to analyze social media conversations
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Web and Digital Analytics

Our retail industry analysis enables to identify and establish advantageous opportunities across various digital platforms.

Digitization strategy services | SG Analytics
  • Conversion models: Generate models for the retail sector that predict the various channels to conversion on retail websites with data analytics.
  • Maximize digital presence: Ensure online presence is maximized via tools including SEO and keyword analysis
  • A/B testing: Identify the design and campaigns that maximize the time your target audience spends on online retail platforms
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Supply chain management services | SG Analytics
  • Craft merchandising strategies: Use analytics to understand customer preferences and determine the right items to be promoted to enhance profitability
  • Dynamic pricing: Deploy flexible pricing strategies to entice customers
  • Predict customer behavior: Model customer behavior to determine in-store displays and promotional strategy
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