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Competitive Intelligence Analytics Services

Competitive intelligence consulting for strategic decision-making

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Enhancing data quality and implementing governance to enable actionable insights through digital transformation

SG Analytics’ competitive intelligence consulting services help our clients in the US gain competitive insights on customer satisfaction and the voice of the customer.

As a leading competitive intelligence firm in the US, our aim is to provide a one-stop machine learning-enabled solution that utilizes natural language processing to transform unstructured text into readable customer voice.


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What We Offer

As a leading competitive intelligence firm, we cater to business objectives across business units with competitive intelligence analytics

  • Feature & service benchmarking: Make crucial decisions about service improvements and feature launches/upgrades for engineering and product marketing teams
  • Top-trending topics: Enhance marketing and communication with effective content strategies
  • Targeted customer segmentation: Obtain competitive intelligence on go-to-market strategy by industry verticals (IT, Manufacturing, CPG/Retail, Healthcare, etc.) and business group (large enterprises, SMBs)-wise customer segments to boost sales teams’ efficiency

Power decisions on product enhancement, marketing plans, and account strategies through monitoring the voice of your customers and your competitor’s customers. With our competitive intelligence services, you can:

  • Curb potential customer churn by taking corrective actions with the facilitation of in-depth knowledge on key drivers of consumer satisfaction
  • Enhance specific product features or service components by measuring customer sentiments
  • Boost customer advocacy for your brand by curating effective communication content focused on trending topics/features
  • Revamp product roadmap to prioritize launches of crucial features or missing product upgrades when benchmarked with key competition


Wide expertise

BFSI, Pharma, CPG/Retail, and Technology products domain expertise that helps translate voice of customers into domain-specific insights

360 impact

Proven impact and benefit for competitive intelligence across consumer insights, sales, marketing & communication, and product development functions

Advanced technology

NLP-based advanced text analytics solution that converts unstructured data into consumable insights

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