Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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Leverage RPA To Increase ROI And Save Costs

Robotic Process Automation (or RPA) is a form of business process automation technology based on metaphorical software robots (bots) or on artificial intelligence (AI)/digital workers. SGA provides end-to-end RPA solutions to its global clients. These solutions are delivered in the form of a bouquet of services, which are based on four strong pillars: Plan, Implement, Manage, Operate. Consult With One Of The Leading RPA Services And Solutions Providers SG Analytics is one of the leading RPA services and solutions providers, helping its clients identify, design, establish, test, and manage the RPA structure. Its RPA consulting services help organizations explore a wide range of business use cases that can be automated. The expert technology team enables the clients to identify the RPA rollout strategy and create an automation roadmap.

Leverage RPA To Increase ROI And Save Costs

What We Offer

  • Automation use case identification and assessment: As one of the leading robotic process automation service providers, the automation and technology experts at SGA undertake intensive assessment to help clients identify the business use cases which can be automated.
  • Rollout Strategy and Automation Roadmap: SGA’s RPA consulting services help identify the RPA rollout strategy for its clients and create an automation roadmap.
  • SG Analytics’ RPA consultants are expert in creating automation solutions for automating business processes: We deliver customized solutions that are created based on technical design and extensively tested quality code with exception handling.
  • Our robotic process automation services & solutions comprise the following: Intelligent automation integration, data extraction from heterogeneous systems, and enterprise systems integration.
  • As a leading RPA solutions provider, we have advanced program-managing capabilities for process automation.
  • Governance for an established operating model.
  • Maintenance and upgradation support for automated processes using changed management and planning new releases.

At both SGA and client premise, establishment and management of an RPA structure. The availability of RPA services and infrastructure is flexible and determined according to the requirement of the client.


Product & Platform Expertise

Cutting-edge tools to help organizations identify, design, establish, test, and manage RPA implementations

Technology Expertise

Our technology experts create a roadmap that covers not just technology, but every use-case that can be automated

Functional & Business Process Expertise

A deep understanding of every business process results in optimal RPA implementations

Who we work with

Banking & Financial Services

Automating time-consuming and highly transactional processes, handling large volumes of sensitive data


Automating the high volume and repetitive back-office admin tasks, dealing with rigid legacy systems


Increasing operational efficiencies and accuracies in handling large volumes of sensitive data


Healthcare Services

Data Analytics

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