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Continuous Integration Services

At SG Analytics we believe in delivering an end-to-end Quality Assurance (QA) service within research and analytics. Utilizing cognitive intelligent automation and NLP we excel at quality control standardization across diverse platforms.

Business Process Automation Services

Our Center of Excellence employs robust technology capabilities to provide business process automation services that yield effective, dynamic and cost-efficient results.

Workflow Automation Solutions

Improve your process and productivity with our workflow automation solutions. We enable companies to build and automate any process to revamp workload management, minimize manual handling and boost visibility.

SGA Edge

Who We Work With

  • Sales & Marketing Groups

    Create integrated data-centric digital platforms.

  • Product Engineering Groups

    Build user-centric, bug free products.

  • Trading Platform Managers

    Maintenance and upgrade services across the platform ecosystem.

  • Data Platform Managers

    Platforms that deliver superior customer service.

Intelligent Automation Setups

As one of the specialized business process automation companies, we deliver high-performing systems by streamlining the process using different automation techniques. Some examples of our work are:

Intelligent automation technology | SG Analytics
  • Automated content aggregation services to collect and analyze data from social media, e-commerce and review platforms; and improve business process automation solutions.
  • Cognitive and intelligent natural language processing engine services for Hadoop solution.
  • Business intelligence and machine learning to manage and standardize your unstructured data.
  • NLP and text analytics to spotlight and remove Spam, and collaborate process automation.
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Engineering Testing Services & Quality Engineering

We believe testing to be an indispensable component of any product/process. Our test engineering and quality assurance teams work with stakeholders to validate both technological and functional components. Services that we provide are:

Automated test engineering and quality assurance | SG Analytics
  • Functional and non-functional testing across complex applications, including trading portals.
  • Building and implementing appropriate scalable test engineering frameworks.
  • Providing automated regression testing solutions and continuous integration services for long-term quality assurance.
  • Standardized quality control and management led by Agile frameworks.
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