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Social Media Analytics in Healthcare

Social Media Analytics in Healthcare

Published on Feb 29, 2020

Being active on social media isn’t optional anymore. From building connections, and sharing discoveries to developing credibility as thought leaders is something that the top healthcare providers are actively pursuing. As a matter of fact, approximately 99 percent of hospitals in the USA have an active Facebook page, with a vision to slowly enter the world of Twitter and Instagram. In order to be actively engaged with the patients, the healthcare providers consider social networking and advertising as an integral part of their digital marketing strategy. Strong and frequent communication with patients through the social networking sites helps hospitals and doctors build positive relationships. Health alerts, quick FAQs, feedback from patients, etc. aid in building patient trust.  

Apart from this, the healthcare industry is continuously evolving with frequent advances in developing new medicines, tools for diagnosis, and healthcare technology. Healthcare companies are now looking forward to social media in order to excavate and explore new opportunities for disruption. To aid this process, social media analytics provides precise data and insightful information about the different patterns of patient behavior, the latest health market trends, investigation of product launch strategies, and much more. Social media listening and monitoring helps capture relevant social media data for providing valuable business insights.

Healthcare companies love social media analytics 

By monitoring and analyzing public behavior through social media, healthcare services are able to collect different perceptions and viewpoints which help the decision-makers unravel the needs of the patients. A trending illness could indicate the outbreak of a new type of disease such as the novel Coronavirus COVID-19. This has facilitated the gathering of correct resources as well as helped in debunking the misconceptions. 

How is social media analytics helping healthcare companies stay competitive? 

Social media analytics has proved to be a revolutionary tool for the healthcare industry as it has perfectly bridged the gap between patients and healthcare. Live and frequent updates about a particular disease, personalized information regarding any health issue, enhancement of health education as the audience reach is vast and many more aspects that were limited to the hospital premises earlier are easily accessible. Healthcare organizations are able to showcase their positive aspects to their targeted audience as they have a better understanding of their market now.  

All thanks to social media analytics! 

Whatever we want to know about health these days is just a click away. In fact, search engines are the first thing people resort to when they face any health issue. Imagine the amount of data getting generated every second just through search and social platforms. In order to get meaning out of this unstructured data, top analytics companies enable healthcare providers to stay competitive by providing them with high-quality research and analysis. 


Critical business decisions which include the pricing of products, lowering the cost of the supply chain, improving and maximizing sales performance, etc. can be effortlessly made with social media analytics. The integration of the healthcare companies and social media has definitely simplified the way we tackle healthcare issues now. Data analytics in social media has helped healthcare companies make crucial business decisions effortlessly.