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Building Successful Customer Engagement Strategies

Successful Customer Engagement Strategies

Published on Jun 28, 2019

Translating customer interactions to drive customer loyalty can be a daunting task. Most organizations across different industries struggle to solve the puzzle of managing personalized, fast, effective customer engagement. Most companies are still organized around functions, products, industries, or solutions, and it is difficult to deliver great customer experience without pivoting to the modern customer-centric operating structure. Effective customer engagement involves encouraging customers to have continuous interactions and share experiences based on a preferred channel.

Optimizing customer interactions throughout the journey could lead to customer satisfaction and intimacy. This is particularly applicable to digital-only platforms or companies where there is a shift in the consumer sentiment toward faster serviceability, quick resolution of queries, integrated online-to-offline experiences, and the ability to envisage the product/service expectations based on multiple sources of influences (e.g. social media, e-commerce, etc.).

What Type Of Strategies Could Enhance Customer Engagement?

  1. Personalized marketing and sales channel strategy for customer acquisition and retention
  2. Content marketing and providing compelling information about the products
  3. Invoking positive customer emotion and sentiment
  4. Capturing feedback and re-engaging to reduce customer friction
  5. Focusing on optimizing the path-to-purchase
  6. Customizing decisions and shifting the channel of engagement based on preference
  7. Better organization of work and faster reaction/response
  8. Developing insights from the cross-channel shopper/customer journey
  9. Focusing on a set of activities based on the customer buying journey
  10. Gaining deeper insights into customer personas by using consumer journey analytics
  11. Discovering shopping journeys, creating buyer personas, deriving actionable insights, and building an adaptive customer journey (connected physical and digital journeys)
  12. Using customer analytics, operational analytics, pricing analytics, demand sensing, and forecasting

How to build a clear roadmap for effective consumer engagement?

successful customer engagement strategies

  1. Map the consumer journey to offer strong personalization and convenience
  2. Identify the value of multiple channels using consumer analytics to drive conversations
  3. Prepare consumer retention strategies to win over customer trust and build long-term relationships
  4. Build personalized campaigns based on consumer personas
  5. Assess the quality of consumer conversations
  6. Re-think the operating structure to align with changing expectations
  7. Create a single view of the consumer that spans the consumer journey on different channels, starting from acquisition through engagement
  8. Apply consumer analytics tools to optimize conversations
  9. Design the consumer engagement program for an effective consumer acquisition and retention strategy