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Data-Driven Sales Strategy Consulting That Puts YOU First

Data Driven Sales Strategy Consulting

Published on Jun 01, 2021

As a sales team, we want to sell more. That’s it. It doesn’t get any better than that. 

Imagine getting a quarter and a half months’ worth of sales in one quarter. Or shortening the sales cycle by weeks. Or getting new hires committed and effective from the get-go. 

That would be something, right? 

Ordinarily, selling is associated with talent and the right mindset. Meeting those targets then demands more talent and stronger motivation. However, with over a decade worth of experience in data analytics and business strategy consulting, we have learned that the approach is half-baked. 

Instead, sales strategy consulting at SG Analytics combines the right talent and motivation with the right data. 

We believe it to be the right approach to sales strategy consulting because it ensures that key sales decisions are data-driven, not based on intuition. It also ensures that cycles and targets are not vague, but measured and actionable. 

What sets us apart is our leading expertise in data analytics and market research, which enables us to deliver insights and solutions that are highly personalized or tailored to your needs. 

As a sales strategy consulting firm, our goal is to identify not the best sales framework in work, but the sales framework that works best for you. 

Customer-first sales strategy services

Understanding needs or expectations is perhaps the most difficult part of sales strategy consulting.  

Not that delivering solutions, measuring sales performance, and maintaining transparency are not difficult. But once a firm foundation has been established, a unique sales strategy has been identified, the rest are relatively easy. 

Understanding needs and expectations

To provide sales strategy services that put you first, we must understand you in-depth first. 

To deliver personalized solutions, we collect and analyze in-depth data that essentially answers questions such as — 

  • What is your current sales process? 
  • What is your ideal sales process? 
  • What is your plan for short-term and long-term growth? 
  • What are the bottlenecks to maximizing responsiveness? 
  • What kind of sales strategy solutions are you willing and able to deploy? 

The high-quality data we collect creates a much more nuanced and deep understanding of what you have and what you expect, right down to the intricacies of your funnel, pricing, and business strategy. The personalized data yields rich and accurate insights, which inform our personalized solutions. 

Tracking and measuring sales performance

Data-driven sales strategy consulting is incomplete without tracking and measuring. 

Measuring allows us to benchmark sales performance, from straightforward outcomes like sales closed to more complex capacities like tracking customer journeys. 

This is also where our expertise in data consulting and analytics makes a huge impact. We make sure that performance is reliably defined in terms of metrics and KPIs so that gaps and challenges are quantified, and optimization is easy to achieve. 


We document everything, from the qualification process to solutions. Because sales strategy consulting should be transparent. Period. 

To thrive in a dynamic, ever-changing market, you need a sales strategy that leverages not just talent but also data. Our data-driven, tailor-made solutions help you anticipate and adapt to changes, and deliver best-in-class sales performance. Contact us today.