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How will Organizations Prioritize Employee Health and Well-being in 2023?

SGAnalytics_Blog_How will Organizations Prioritize Employee Health and Well-being in 2023?

Published on Mar 15, 2023

Every new year brings along new opportunities that enable organizations to support their employees. And in 2023, organizations are turning to foster wellness programs with the intent to provide an optimal state of employee wellness, thereby enabling them to thrive collectively. Amidst the stress due to mass layoffs, looming recession fears, and cost-cutting, the focus is now shifting to employees’ health. Industry experts are now deliberately taking the reins in their hands and introducing innovative ways to promote employee wellness in the workplace in 2023. 

Many workplace changes that began during the pandemic are picking up steam and becoming the new norm for organizations in 2023. And it is quite evident that employees will not accept the same old wellness solutions anymore. Instead, they are voicing their opinions and demanding answers for organizational reform and resolute leadership to foster an employee wellness strategy. Human resources teams are also placing employee wellness as a high priority within their framework. While the current workplace journey centers around ways to adapt to and create a new work-life balance, it is equally important to introduce proactive measures and prioritize employee health in 2023. 

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The Importance of Creating a Healthy Workplace 

The work environment plays a critical role in employee performance and productivity. Creating a healthy work environment is a great game-changer in myriad ways. It curtails costs connected to turnover, medical cover, and employee compensation. A good workplace environment helps in boosting employee happiness, morale, as well as motivation. Consequently, employees are more likely to tune in to their work and perform to their best abilities in order to deliver the desired results.  

With a healthy workplace, organizations can establish measures to determine the success of any organization. When a workplace environment is conducive, the employees can become highly engaged and deliver greater profitability. The COVID-19 pandemic forced much of the global workforce to function from home, thereby offering comfort, lowering work pressure, and fostering concentration.  

And these benefits of building a healthy work environment are clearly visible. But creating a workplace that every employee will love is a daunting task and can alter work dynamics. As a result, as an organization, it is important to need to stay abreast of modern workplace trends for positive change. 

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Workplace Wellness Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2023 

  1. Effective Employee Engagement 

Employee engagement is emerging as the key aspect of workplace wellness in 2023. By fostering effective employee involvement in everyday operations, organizations can significantly impact their attachment. Some examples of nurturing an engaging culture within a healthy work environment involve: 

  • Assign challenging tasks to a team and not an individual 

  • Ensuring every assigned role aligns with the skills of the employee 

  • Appreciating the efforts of both individuals as well as the team 

  • Foster a flexible workspace 

  • Openness to empathy and inclusiveness to attract and retain quality talent 

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  1. Introducing Expert-led Health and Wellness Sessions 

In today’s world, with the rising competition to perform and deliver results, mental health is taking a back seat. It is, therefore, the duty of organizations to ensure that employees stay physically and mentally fit. In the upcoming year, organizations will start integrating and organizing expert-led health and wellness programs such as yoga, aerobics, or Zumba sessions to help alleviate stress and anxiety. By creating a detoxing and happy environment, employees can also strengthen their emotional resilience. 

  1. Changing Communication Culture to Equip the Hybrid Work Model 

For businesses today, the remote or hybrid work setting is becoming a new reality. With many businesses trying to cut expenses and boost productivity, they are permitting their employees to work from home or other locations rather than the corporate headquarters. And this trend is expected to continue. Employee well-being, experience, and productivity are also interrelated. It is vital to offer employees wellness programs that assist them in transitioning into the hybrid space while also focusing on more than just on-site workplace activities. 

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However, it is important to initiate a conversation about employees’ health, including their physical, mental, emotional, environmental, and even financial demands. And one of the single most effective ways to change traditional culture is to initiate communication. Due to the rising work stress, employees can often feel their capacity to absorb immense knowledge reducing. It is, therefore, important to initiate a need for a degree of communication from all sides and introduce measures to adjust to a bigger volume. Introducing agile solutions will enable team leaders to manage, assign, and track projects as well as progress, thereby enabling seamless collaboration. 

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  1. A New Work Setting: Four-Day Work Week 

While employees demand control over where they worked in 2022, a growing swell of employees are now demanding more control over when they work. With the news making rounds, don't be surprised if any enterprise introduces a four-day workweek starting in 2023. To stay relevant and competitive in this red-hot labor market, organizations are expected to introduce a four-day workweek. And the good news is that it will likely be a win for both employers as well as employees, as it will enable employees to deliver results with maximum productivity, thereby increasing the levels of engagement and improving mental health. 

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  1. Mental Well-Being will be at the Core of Every Operation  

Taking into consideration the record level rates of burnout, depression, and anxiety, employees expect their employers to make mental well-being a priority. A recent report found that 52% of workers feel burned out, representing a 9% increase from a pre-Covid survey. 

Employees now expect their workplaces to take meaningful action, such as fostering an environment where there is the freedom to feel and express emotions. However, to meet the moment, employers need to go beyond providing the traditional formula to identify individuals at risk and provide them with resources like employee assistance programs. Organizations and their leaders should radically rethink ways to create and nurture a supportive work environment that promotes mental well-being. This will not only help in destigmatizing conversations around mental health, but it will also help examine structural issues that lead to employee burnout and other health issues. 

Industry leaders need to prepare themselves to have more open conversations related to mental health within the organization. A recent survey by identified that almost 91% of generation Z employees have reported they want to be able to discuss mental-health topics with their colleagues freely. Organizations are now incorporating programs to support mental health concerns while taking measures to address these issues. 

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How will Organizations Prioritize Employee Health and Well-being in 2023

Final Thoughts 

From shared values and wages to accessible mental health support, the culture of fostering workplace well-being is transforming. And organizations are strategically adapting to this rapid evolution to keep their employees happier and healthier, along with retaining their existing talent in 2023. Many workplaces are changing their traditional way of operation and integrating a new momentum to adapt to the new normal.  

With new workplace wellness trends emerging in 2023, organizations are becoming exceedingly clear about what their employees will no longer settle for. Employees are demanding effective solutions; organizations are restructuring their strong leadership commitment to foster a healthy environment as a way of doing business. 

And as the modern workplace is evolving, it is presenting new ways to hire and retain top talent. These era-defining changes are compelling organizations to create a work environment that is under siege by economic changes, technological developments, globalization, and the COVID-19 pandemic. To keep up with these changes, industry leaders need to rise to the occasion and demonstrate a deep understanding of emerging workplace trends.  

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