Internet of Things – A Leap into the future

Published On December 27, 2019
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Internet and technology have changed the world big-time. IoT- has been the first kickoff towards a smart world, where devices make smart decisions to such an extent, they are almost equivalent to cognitive intelligence. 

In the present-day world, smart devices are not limited to just mobile phones or iPads, but their scope has extended to washing machines, doors, coffee machines, vacuum cleaners, and even smart glasses.  

According to IoT analytics, approximately 4.7 billion things were connected to the internet in 2017; this number is predicted to grow to 11.6 billion IoT devices by 2021. 

Below is a list of forecasting about the future with IoT. 


Smart cities 

Right from coffee machine to car, every machine is designed to be smart today. The adoption of smart technologies will widen with low-cost connectivity and high data speed enabled with the emergence of 5G. This will enable the rise of smart cities – a smart city is toted to be a place where surveillance systems, bike rental stations, taxis, emergency updates, and much more will be self-automated and remotely managed. 

Well in the future, you don’t even have to update Alexa for dinner. Your car will do that for you. 

IoT will nurture Artificial Intelligence 

The world is connected through smart devices today.  

Consider devices like smartphones, smartwatch, thermostats, home hubs, coffee makers or any other smart device – they record your habits and preferences over a period and asses them to understand your needs beforehand. This surplus data is stored in the cloud and ends up feeding AI to evolve into a ‘smart’ device of the future.  Machine learning uses this data to help computers/machines adjust to preferences automatically without human intervention. 

5G to fuel IoT 

5th generation cellular wireless is on its way shortly, promising higher speed and increased connectivity. The faster the network connectivity, the easier the accumulation and management of data from smart devices. This is fueling companies to produce more IoT devices for the future. 


DDoS attacks can become a nightmare 

The first IoT malware attack happened in 2016. During the Mirai malware attack, connected devices were affected by a virus to turn them into a botnet to enable Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. This accelerates the website traffic and brings them to a halt. 

The chances of similar occurrences are high as IoT will be a major part of the digital world, leading to increased security and privacy concerns.  

Consider possibilities where IoT devices may be manipulated or weaponized due to rivalries between nations. To illustrate, any nation can shut down the whole communication network of their rival in no-time by performing a DDoS attack.  

Secure and Smart Routers will emerge 

As routers are the entry point of the internet, and since IoT devices are a plethora of data and vulnerable to attacks, effective measures will be taken to improve the security of routers. This may even become essential, as the router can offer security at the entry point while connected devices cannot be secured. 

Overall, it may be said 

The probabilities of IoT are dynamic and limitless.  

While the future of IoT aims for a connected and smart world, it also is developing a parallel universe of data/information. Albeit harnessing this surplus data can enable actionable insights to disrupt businesses and make lives better, the development of significant data management frameworks will be essential for a secure and healthy digital environment.  

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